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Happy Holidays!
No matter what you celebrate..

I’m making this holiday season a time to unwind.


We get caught up this time of the year giving to others we often forget to give to ourselves.

You can't pour from an empty cup.

 I give you permission to have some self care!

The Goodies
Cozy Winter_edited_edited_edited_edited.
  • New Custom Cozy Fall Scents

  • Custom Iced Coffees

  • Cold Brew Coffee

  • Hot Espresso Lattes

  • Hot Chai Spice Tea

  • Hot Chocolate & Whip Cream

  • Pumpkin Spice Garnish

  • Candies, Cookies & More

The Cozy Pumpkin Creme Treatment

Deep Conditioning Mask

Extended Scalp Massage

Cozy Fall Scents Diffused In Room

Pumpkin Chai Hand Creme

Peppermint Vanilla


Deep Conditioning Mask

Extended Scalp Massage

Winter Scents Diffused In Room

Peppermint Vanilla Hand Creme

Vanilla Bean


Deep Conditioning Mask

Extended Scalp Massage

Winter Scents Diffused In Room

Vanilla Mint Hand Creme

Only once a year!
Holiday Policy

October 1st-December 31st will have an adjusted cancellation policy for my services until 2024.

Please give a 72 hour notice of your scheduled appointment(s) to avoid a cancellation fee.

  • Payment of 75% of the missed service(s) will be required to continue booking.

The more notification you give, the better!

Christmas Tree_edited.jpg

I have adjusted my reminders in my system to send out earlier too!

Like actual mail?

If you'd like to receive Holiday Mail - please update your info here!

Out of Salon Dates
Bauble on Tree_edited.jpg

Need in no matter what? I got you!

Premium Rates are available!


Any of the dates mentioned above: 1.2x the normal service(s) price. 

After salon hours (5pm or after): 1.5x the normal service(s) price. 

Think of it as Express Shipping at your convenience. :)

November 18th - 24th

December 22nd - 28th

Thank you so much!
- Nikki
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